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GUARANTEE the COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION of yourself or your loved one.

We know you need HEALING  for your broken heart, you have seen too much
and just want the 'best for you or your child'.

You have tried everything and nothing seems to work.

Isn't it time you tried something new?

Trust your recovery or your loved one/s in the hands of someone that has been through it all and not only survived addiction, bipolar and suicide but is now - living a life of complete and successful recovery -

Your addiction breakthrough specialist is a 4x No. 1 International Best Selling Author.

She will ensure you  live the life of your dreams, free from the shackles, 
the trauma and the utter heartbreak of addiction. 

She will teach you how to stop the pain - ONCE AND FOR ALL - as she has done
for herself and thousands of others who has been in the same situation as you are now

Every year, 30 million youths, under <25 years old, drink or use drugs for the first time

Average death for drug users or alcoholics is only 53 years old

Addiction affects the whole family in the most negative way, where acts such as
domestic violence, divorce, suicide, rape, criminality & homelessness become normal

Collaborative Peer Recovery Coaching GUARANTEES SUCCESS!

Recovery coaches embody wellness & guarantees the 'application' of everything you have ever 
known about HEALING, CLARITY and cultivation of PEACE

Recovery coaches work you until you find your life purpose - because the most exciting
time of your life is the moment you find out the reason you are ALIVE!

Recovery coaches will help you build recovery capital resources, because they are the ingredients you need to live the life of your dreams

Lynette Phuong
"Let me share how having Maria for a life coach has made a difference in my life.

With Maria’s help, I have been able to identify what it is I really want in life; set inspiring goals and begin to see ways to achieve them. Maria has helped me fall in love with the process of realizing my dreams and so I am confident that by the end of my coaching program with Maria I will have achieved my goals no matter how ambitious they appear to be.

Maria has played an important role in helping me feel a sense of balance in my life. The journey with Maria thus far has been amazing!
Illac Diaz
"Crossing paths Maria Pau was one of those encounters that changed my life. In the beginning, I had never heard of a life coach and I was in the middle of some very confusing times in my career. Having to be accountable for my weekly accomplishments and a confidant to help me balance out my decisions was exactly what I needed to cause a revolution in my life.

I transformed a forty bed dormitory to a social enterprise that helped almost 95,000 people and was awarded Ten Outstanding Young People of the World. Having Maria was the investment I needed to unlock my life’s potential.
John Ng
"My first experience with Maria was very supportive and humbling. She allowed me to identify and specify the goals that I desired, and work on them, rather than to wallow in my negative and self defeating vices. Over the program i have become more independent and have substantially understood more about myself and how to modify and structure my life.

With the program I was able to abstain from addiction for several days, and then weeks at a time. I understand that there is a lot more of myself to develop and improve and there will always be times in my life where I will lose self control and occassionally fall into my vice. 
Maria Power, PhD (current), MPH, ARLC, ACC
Founder of Award-Winning Charity Coaching With Substance
Maria officially registered Coaching With Substance as a Public Benevolent Institution and Charity in 2010. She has persevered through ten (10) psychiatric instituionalisation and wrote four books to heal from her tumultuous past that consequently became No. 1 Best Sellers on Amazon

She has completed a public health postgraduate degree from one of the top universities in Australia (UQ), specialising in the field of alcohol, tobacco and drugs studies. She also has completed numerous other academic pursuits such as: degrees in psychology and philosophy; diploma in linguistics; and nationally recognised certificates in training, fitness, assessment, business, counselling and community services. She has a following of over 200,000 people in her social media channels.

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